Friday, 31 May 2019

Catholic Schools day

On Tuesday it was Catholic schools day. St Ignatius and St Pius X came to our school and they were wearing red uniforms and st Ignatius  wore blue uniforms. Mass started and we sang and listened to readings and prayers. Near the end they did a Liturgical dance. It was very nice.
After Mass they were gathered under the canopy and eating there lunch and talking. It was raining and soon St Ignatius had to leave to go back to their school. We were playing on the big kids park in our school with St Pius X kids. Then they had to go back to school. Room 6 had a great afternoon together in class.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Tika, Pono, Aroha

We have been learning about how Jesus respected the tapu (sacredess) of people. He told stories which show us how we must care about other people. The first story we read was when Jesus was walking home to Gallilee and then he saw a Samaritan woman. When Jesus was alive the Jews hated the Samaritans and couldn't talk to them. Jesus still asked the woman for some water.
He shows us that it is important to treat other people with tika (doing the right thing), pono (being true) and aroha (with love and compassion). Sometimes even when we don't want to get involved, we should try and help other people especially they are sad or disappointed.                                                                           

Monday, 11 March 2019

All about Me 2019

Hello. My name is Willietony and I’m Samoan and I speak english. My school is St Patrick’s School in Panmure. I’m eight years old and I’m in Year four. I have a little brother’s name is Cosma and he is five years old and my big older sister Rina is twenty years old. I have a twin sister, Estherose and I always have a great time with my family. I am good at math and l am good at running too. I enjoy am good at my PE and it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about having fun. I help others when people are hurt. And I learn with Mrs Agnew every day. I am good at soccer and I’m also good at Rugby. I’m a good friend too to many people and I help people with their learning. This year I am looking forward to being the best rugby player for my team at Marist. I have two rugby players who inspire me and they are Lincoln and Taua. I hope other people enjoy reading my blogs because I want to share interesting things with them.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Going to the Panmure Lagoon Swimming Pool

On Saturday my family and I went to the Panmure Lagoon swimming pool.  First we packed our stuff into our car.  We packed our food and a mat to sit on.  We took our boards for swimming on.  

When we got to the Lagoon we took our stuff out of the car and put it on the mat and put them on the grass.  Next we ate our lunch.  We had drinks, sandwiches and chips.

After that we went for a swim in the Lagoon swimming pool.  The water felt awesome because we took our boards in with us to play on.  We also played splashing and we screamed loudly!

Later, when we had finished swimming we packed our food, the mat and our boards into the car.  I had a glorious time at the Panmure Lagoon pool.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Happy Mission Day

On Friday we had Mission Day at St Patrick's school in Panmure.  We had Mission Day to help to raise money for Mission orphanage in an Indian village.  

First we went to church to pray and  Father Andrew read from the Bible.  After church we went back to school and Father Andrew blessed the new play area with holy water and holy incense.  The incense had smoke coming out of it.  Then we had a normal playtime while the teachers got the activities ready.

After playtime the first thing that I did was go to Room 8 to have my face painted.  My face was painted like Flash.  After I had my face painted I went to Room 7.  In Room 7 we danced.  Then I got a surprise.  The surprise was that I got some lollies because I was good at dancing.

Next I went to Room 6.  In Room 6 I bought a cake and then I went outside and bought a raffle.  When the raffle was drawn Mrs Foden chose me!  Then Mrs Dines chose me too!  After the raffles had been drawn we said a prayer and we went home.  I had a happy Mission Day.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Having Fun In The Holidays

In the holidays my family and I went to the movies at Sylvia Park.  I went with my two sisters.    My older sister's name is Jorina and my twin sister's is called Estherose.  

At the movies we watched Lego Ninjago.  The movie was about Lego Ninjago saving Ninjago City.  In the movie Leo's dad was the bad guy.  At the end of the movie Leo's dad had turned into a good guy.  I liked the Ninja that saved Ninjago City the best because he was the hero.  While we watched the movie we ate chips and popcorn, and we had drinks.  After watching the movie we went back home.

Later we went to Pak'n Save.  At Pak'n Save we bought crackers, shapes and Oreos, and some sandwiches for my little brother, my  sisters and me.  

Next we went to the Pizza Hut.  At the Pizza Hut we bought chips 
and pizza.  We took our chips and pizza back home.  I had pepperoni and cheese pizza.  The pizza and the chips tasted yum.  I had a fantastic day with my family!