Monday, 11 November 2019

Bird of the year

This week we are looking for an image of a Hoiho which is the bird of the year for 2019. Hoiho live in New Zealand. Their eyes have big yellow circles around them and the Hoiho is a penguin who lives on the South island where it is cold.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Nicky ASB visit


                                                   Saving money 

A  visitor came to Saint Patrick's school today and her name was Nicky. She taught us that dreams for the future are important and we have to plan for them. I want to be a rugby player. 
She told us about a boy who wanted to be a rugby player and wanted to go on a trip. He asked his neighborhood if he could do there trash bins every Tuesday. The neighbors said yes and they would pay him $5 every week. He worked for ten neighbours and after one month he had saved $200. He went on his trip. His parents couldn't help him because they didn't have much money. He did it by himself.

Monday, 2 September 2019

Tukutuku Mats

Last week we made Tukutuku mats. They were interesting to do and some people found it quite difficult but I did not.
At first Mrs Agnew gave us a white piece of cardboard that she said it was called a loom. We had to cut on the black lines right up to the top, but be careful not to go right through. Then we had to take red and black strips of paper and weave them under and over until the whole loom was finished. 
I enjoyed making this and it reminded me of the Maori people who have these in their meeting houses on the walls.

St Patrick's day - by Willietony

20.03.19                                                                                                                                                       On Monday morning it was St Patrick's Day. The whole school and our parents went to Mass. Mass was great because we worshiped God by singing and praying to God. When mass was finished we went back to class and drank some water and then we went to the canopy to do Jump Jam. We dance to music and it's lots of fun.
Then the bell rang and it was morning tea. I played soccer with the Room 7's and when the bell rang again we got changed. Then we sat in the canopy and everybody else too. Mrs Bullot  was speaking and then she told what team we were in. We had to line up facing  Room 6.Everybody went to the the different tabloid stations.
In the afternoon we went back to class and we played games and spoke about St Patrick. It was a great day and we were tired when we went home.

Matariki Slideshow

This is my Matariki presentation. Matariki is a celebration of  the Maori New year